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Bike Rental Budapest

Budapest is a city made for bikers. It is so much easier to get around on bicycles than in cars in this city, and to the fact that you can get anywhere with a bike on a bike path (hardly any exceptions) is a testament to this fact. Bike rentals are thus quite frequent, and there are some very interesting ones indeed. Read on to find out more.

MOL Bubi

The Hungarian oil giant MOL is sponsoring a rent a bike system that is built on a completely unique concept. There are turnstiles all around the city with green bikes in them. If you buy a ticket for the public transportation system, you can sue the ticket or your pass to unlock the turnstile and pick up a bike. You need to put it back in a turnstile when you are done with the bike.


Budapest bike

As the name implies, this is a bicycle shop, rental and outlet dedicated to Budapest. Partly a store, partly a service geared towards backpacking tourists, this establishment has all sorts of bikes for rent and sale. There are bikes with or without childrens seats, one speeds up to 16 speeders, and of course tandem bikes as well, with up to 4 seats available. These fine folks also organize trips, tours and of course bike tours all around the city and its immediate area, so the are definitely worth visiting, even if you bought your bike with you.

Yellow zebra

Perhaps the most traditional bike venue in this list is Yellow Zebra. They are a bike rental place operating in Budapest, and can be found in two locations: Budapest and Prague. This company also rents out segways and are extremely prolific, with many deals made with larger tourist offices, and a plethora of stalls available all throughout the city.