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Flea Market

Flea markets are a truly interesting insight into world culture. For pennies, you can buy discarded old things that can be treasure. Collectors love these places, as you can come across many things for very cheap, and some real rarities, be they stamps, medals, records, tapes, VHS or comic books can be bought for a fraction of their catalogue price. But less nerdy things, like hardware for around the house and clothing can also be bought, and of course novelty items as well.

PeCsa Rendezvénycsarnok

The Petősi Csarnok, or PeCsa for short is one of the biggest music venues in Hungary. It is basically smallish stadium, built only for performances and gigs in particular. The place can house thousands, and has many side hangars as well, and in one of these, as well as in the surrounding outdoor area surrounding the music hall is the largest flea market in Hungary. Anything can be found here, as there are usually hundreds of stands with thousands of random nicknacks. Bargains can be had and nothing has a set price in the biggest and best equipped flea market that Budapest has to offer.



Located in the traditionally working class 13th district, Garmada is basically a store that works only in second hand things. Prices are a little bit more defined in here as in a traditional flea market. The place operates as a store, and they even have a rent a shelf option, where you can put your stuff put for display, and pay a small fee for shelf space. They sell everything from clothes, weapons, musical instruments, collectibles, paintings, you name it, and for next to nothing at all. Definitely worth a shot, if nothing else than just to peruse through the insane amounts of cool stuff that people sell.

The name of this place is literally “flea palace” and while that does not sound too enticing, their market most definitely is. This is a flea shop, a 3 story, interactive, web based flea shop, taking the concept behind the flea market and giving it an information age makeover. Thier website s where most of the buying, trading and selling happens, with the shop serving as a fence between the interested parties. The shop itself is chock full of some of the coolest stuff imaginable, and is well worth it, especially if you like design and unique knick knacks and trinkets.