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New Street Food Vendors

Budapest is upping its tourism game, and has started a new and sensationally funny way to sell street food. Although the idea of publicly paid street food vendors is an old idea that Budapest is playing catch up with, the presentation is nothing short of brilliant. The idea is to dress up the vending stalls (hand drawn wagons in this case) like the public transportation vehicles of Budapest. There are miniature buses and trams, as well as the iconic trolli to be found, along with the metro and HÉV. The stuff they are selling is well worth a mention, too.

bagel street food

Budapest street food

These vendors offer a refreshing break from tradition. Far from your typical Hungarian street food (like lángos, fried sausages, hot sandwiches, hot dogs, etc.), these sell a far lighter type of meal, along with the much needed ice cold beverages. These vendors sell mostly pastries, baked goods, and a new invention that is much like a bagel, only stuffed with a variety of creams and fillings like bacon and cheese, just cheese, pizza filling, and a whole host of others. So if you are feeling peckish not hungry, and are looking for a quick bite on the go, but do not want to deal with anything soaking in cooking oil, we can recommend these vendors on the go.

bagel hungarian street food