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Vintage Stores

Vintage stores are quite different from flea markets, that we have already discussed in a previous article. They are stores that sell old things, but old things that could be new, as they have been preserved throughout the ages (this is what the term vintage actually means). Many people like clothes from a certain era; blue jeans from the 70s, nylon from the 80s, tie dye shirts from the 90s, etc, and the recreations are just not quite right, and they want the original thing. Vintage stores can help them get it. Vintage stores also sell new things that look like old things, and that feel as close to the original as possible. Both of these are available in vintage stores, along with a host of other things. Here are some of the best vintage shops in Budapest! Enjoy.


This place sells the clothing of the 70s, plain and simple. Their website even has a separate section dedicated to just Adidas Superstars, and nothing else. They have military clothes, second hand goodness, and clothing that may or may not be straight from the 70s, but certainly looks like it. They also have a large selection of leather clothes, including coats and leather pants as well. This store is located in Dohány street, the street most know for the biggest synagogue in Central Europe, and it is the very heart of the party district.



Dealing primarily in imitations, and very rarely in actual things from the past, this store is home to rock and roll fashion as a designer would envision it in 2014. It is not authentic in any sense of the word, but they do make, well, just good, old fashioned clothes. If you like the look that is associated with rock and roll, then you will probably find something in this store that is to your liking.

Iguana fashion

Iguana is as much about design as it is about fashion and clothing. IN truth, it is all about hipsters, and the art and culture surrounding them. This is, plain and simple, a hipster store, and you can buy clothes and accessories here that you usually see on hipster kids. Be it cardigans, tacky sleeveless shirts, knitted sweaters or jewelry that looks like it may have been handmade by a six year old, if you see it on hipsters, you can buy it in Iguana.

Happy hunting!