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Belfeszt, or Belvárosi Fesztivál (meaning Central Festival) will be held on the first weekend of June, that is from the 5th until the 7th. It is a relatively new festival organised by the 5th district of Budapest. The main profile of the weekend is Hungarian popular music, but you can find world music and folk music amongst the events, as well as different local foods and drinks around the stages. What is more, there is no entrance fee, the whole festival is free of charge to attend.

The events are held on three stages that are very close to each other, but not as close so the events disturb each other. The Main Stage is on Szabadság square, the World Music Stage is on Erzsébet square, and there is a very small third stage with local folk music in Zrínyi street (between the two bigger stages, at the Basilica).

The programme of the Main Stage consists of Hungarian popular and alternative music, amongst this year's headliners, you can find Ivan and the Parazol, Irie Maffia, or Random Trip - you might have heard of them.

belvarosi fesztival

On the World Stage, you can always find an up-and-coming band or a band with a very unique sound. And why not dance a bit with a beer in your hand at the Zrinyi Stage on your way between the two main stages?

If you want to experience the beginning of the Hungarian summer festival season, don't miss Belvárosi Fesztivál! Don't forget, it is allowed to drink on the streets of Budapest, as long as you behave yourself.

For more information and the full list of events, visit their Facebook page: