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Escape Games

Do you remember games like Myst and Lemmings? Games in which you had to solve problems in one room before you could go on to the next one? While an entire generation grew up playing these awesome puzzle games, the experience was put into many other games as well, and even first person shooters eventually developed stages and scenarios in which this kind of detective work was needed. It should come as no surprise then, that many gaming related entrepreneurs have decided to give these games a go in real life. And for some joyous reason that I cannot understand, Budapest has become their capital.

Room escape games are basically what they sound like. You, and very frequently a group of other people are locked into a room, and you have to solve puzzles or figure out how to get out of the room, frequently only to be put into the a different room, and the experience repeats several times before you are free to go. It is a game involving cunning, logical thought, and nerves of steel. Of course the game is all fun, and you can get someone to let you out if you cannot make it out on your own, and the entire experience is safe and monitored, so no need to be afraid. Let’s take a look at some of the best room escape games in Budapest.



Taking the clue finding aspect of these games and pushing them to the next level, Detectivity is a game that is always in the same place, in Margit körút 56, near the Mammut shopping mall. The idea behind this particular game is that you have to solve a crime, and one in which each room is full of clues, and you have to draw conclusions at the end of the game, and watch the drama unfold before your eyes. Explained a spart escape game, part live theater, and part clue finding suspense, Detectivity is certainly a new form of interactive adult entertainment.


A more traditional approach to the genre can be found in the subterranean cellar of the Gondozó kert ruin bar, at Klauzál tér. This where the Parapark is set up, Para being a slang term for frightening or scary in current Hungarian. The Parapark is a series of tiny rooms that feed into each other that are set up to be quite scary and atmospheric, and the participants have a set amount of time in which they can escape the rooms. The pressure mounts, and it is advised that people who do not deal well with pressure do not undergo the experience.


Most resembling the computer games from which these real life escape games come from, Claustrophilia is a series of rooms in the center of the city, in various locations. IN these rooms, objects and physical aspects need to be used in order to get out of the rooms, and this is why it so resembles the computer games, as any object may be the one you need to use in order to get out. The Claustrophilia rooms also try and give back a little of the unique atmosphere of Budapest as well, and the houses and rooms where they take place are particularly great.


Also story based, this game is one that involves a scenario, and thus can only be taken once. But the scenario is very elaborate, very realistic, and absolutely blood chilling. You are kidnapped and put into a room, and are awaiting execution when the opportunity to free yourself arises, and you are asked to get out on your wits alone. There is more than one way to solve many of the problems, but they are all quite difficult, and the fact that you are escaping and are being hunted makes it that much more interesting, as time is a factor.