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What is WAMP?

WAMP is Budapest’s biggest and most popular art and design market. The monthly market aims to showcase significant Hungarian designers, artists and numerous galleries. It is the perfect place for the creative and trend setter young artists to show their work to the public. And also for the public to get to know new, young designers and buy unique products straight from the creators.


Although, several famous and successful designers repeatedly showcase at the WAMP, anyone can register to be part of the art market. Ambitious artists can apply by registering on the website and uploading a small portfolio of their works, for the professional team of WAMP to judge.

WAMP, the Hungarian design market, takes place on the Erzsébet Square during the summer and mild-halves of spring and autumn. During the winter it runs indoor, in the Millenáris Park. It can be visited for free, between 11am and 7pm on the chosen Sundays.


If you want to know more about the Budapest art market, want to see who’s going to showcase at the next WAMP and when it will take place, visit the website:


during high-season: 1051, Budapest, Erzsébet tér
during low-season: 1024, Budapest, Kis Rókus utca 16-20, Millenáris