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When It’s Raining

This year has seen some of the worst weather in recent history. The average rainfall has been higher this year than in any other year in the past decade, making this not one of the best years for tourism. But Budapest has plenty to offer for when the weather is not so hot, and there are tons of indoor things to do. There are museums, pools, spas, sports clubs that are indoors, movie theaters, libraries, art galleries and a whole slew of other things that can be done under a roof. Here are some of the selections that we have found which are tons of fun for when the weather is not:

WestEnd Bowling Center

Bowling is a recent past time for Hungarians, who have hitherto played a slightly different version of it. The past time is sweeping the nation, and many new bowling alleys and bowling clubs have been set up. One of them is in the Westend City Center, the biggest mall in Hungary. This bowling alley is sure to satisfy all needs, as it is huge, brand spanking new, and relatively cheap. Beer and food are available right there in the alley of course, but a short trip just a few flights down will lead you to one of the most amazing food courts. A good way to spend a few hours on a rainy day in Budapest.


Top Squash

Squash is another favorite past time that is catching on in a big way in Hungary, and the other gigantic mall (accurately named Mammut), this time located on the Buda side is host to one of the biggest indoor squash courts in the country. Top Squash is an awesome place, and best thing is that you can rent everything you need for the game; racket, balls, even trunks if you need ‘em.

Hajós Alfréd Swimming Pool

The biggest, best and most beautiful indoor swimming pool can be found on the Margaret island in the middle of the Danube, but the water does not come from the Danube, so don’t worry. This place is home to tournaments and championships galore, so you can do some swimming in an olympic size, enormous body of water, btu smaller pools are also available. And of course, let’s not forget about the kids either, there are shallow warm pools for toddlers, and kiddie pools that go up to 2 meters in a very gradual slope as well. Saunas and other awesome swimming related activities abound, so go over to margaret island and swim your heart out.

BHSE Tennis

Also locate don Margaret island is the biggest indoor tennis court in Hungary. This one has several tennis courts, all indoors, all professionally maintained, and at a very reasonable price. Make sure to call first though, as the squeaking of tennis shoes is non-stop in this establishment, and they are almost always completely full.