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Where to go Ice Skating In Budapest

Budapest has several ice skating rinks which can be visited during the winter. Here are three of the best ones:

1) Eiffel tér

The square behind Nyugati pályaudvar is called the Eiffel square, and is one of the newest squares to pop up in Budapest. It has awesome restaurants, a yuppy atmosphere, a small shopping mall, and of course, a tiny ice skating rink. This place is cheap, with just 800 forint for a day, but they do not have lessons or anything extra, just a rink you can use all day. This place is frequented by children and youngsters as well, so going is slow, and this is only meant for fun, not sports.

2) Aréna plaza

This small and insignificant plaza has one of the best outdoor ice skating rinks, with a mall located right by it (Aréna plaza is a mall) and a ton of fun things to see. There are classes and training courses, rentals so you don’t need to bring your own skates, and a whole host of other things as well. Little league hockey games are played here all the time, as the rink is the right size for tournaments and other such events. A more sporty and more professional atmosphere, but still a recreational rink.


3) Városliget

This is the biggest outdoor rink in the city, and ti is rather huge. Always jam packed with people, you can still do some sports and go fast, because of the mere size and shape of the rink itself. This is located on an artificial lake, and can only be skated on for a few weeks at a time, as the weather heavily affects this rink. One of the best ones, and by far the best known one is this, so if you want to meet people, this is the best place to do so. There is no mall next to it, but you can find a place to eat right nearby, as the Városliget si full of such establishments.