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Who wants ice cream?

The weather in Budapest is hot and super dry in the summer, the perfect setting for a delicious frosty treat. Ice cream is huge in the city, and almost every corner has an ice cream parlour, but not all of them are created equal. While most places have the same generic “gelato”, there are a few real stand out places that make their own stuff, and make it well. Here is a list of the best ice cream parlours in Budapest.


The name means Lavender, and they have stole the hearts of the city with their tiny, familial atmosphere, homemade organic ice cream, and their weird flavours. They have very bold flavors, like the lavender ice cream they got their name from. Their doses are huge, so don’t get a  double unless you really are hungry, they use a little shovel to scoop their ice cream. They recently released their limited basil and lemon ice cream, and it is delicious.

Dolce intervallo

Ruin by an Italian man who moved to Hungary decades ago, this remote and hidden parlour is one of the best kept gastrological secrets this city has to offer. They hand make their ice cream fresh everyday, and they have different flavors every day, around 18 of them. They happen to be our personal favorite, and their bold, one of a kind flavours (like licorice, salted peanut, and the famous pistachio raspberry vanilla combo) make them absolutely unique.



Fragola, which means strawberry in Italian, is an amazing, true blue Italian ice cream parlour. The place isn’t even open until 11, but closes late at night, so you can get a cone on the way home from a movie or an event, the parlour closes around 10 pm. They make some signature flavors, like gorgonzola, which have given them quite reputation. The place is located in the inner city, it is easy to find and even easier to enjoy.

Gelarto Rosa

This ice cream parlour is the project of the Sugar shop, a really impressive and successful Hungarian endeavour that deals with sweets. This is their foray into the world of ice cream, and what a forray it is! Very aesthetically pleasing and strangely shaped, this all hand made ice cream is a delicious treat that is easy on the eyes as well.

Yogurta fabrica

Frozen yoghurt is a very healthy, not quite as sugary alternative to ice cream. This company lets you build your own flavors, combining their frozen yoghurt with whatever you want in it; blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, candy, caramel, chocolate you name it, they got it. Really good for finicky eaters who like their ice cream just so, and a wonderful place to visit with kids.